In 2010, a handful of former soldiers decided to start an MC club. Besides a background in the defense, they also have missionary experience with service under both NATO and UN flag. There is no distinction between the three conservatives and neither between weapons. Today, the club is made up of veterans and by actively serving as well as civilians.


Sons of Valhalla MC Denmark (SOVMCDK) is a very active club club. There is life in the club every weekend and there are frequent trips around.


In the winter season there are obvious reasons not driven so much on two wheels, but the club continues unhappy with socializing.


On some brothers you can see the arch with the letter "Brothers In Arms", which indicates that you have been serving abroad. This arch is used globally.


Around the world there are a large number of clubs with vikinge sounding names. These clubs are in contact with each other and are probably one of the largest biker communities in the world. However, each club is 100% independent and independent. This community means that there will always be a nearby club that we can relate to. But let it be clear that SOVMCDK is completely independent of other clubs and does NOT take a party or claim areas.


We respect all other clubs and their colors, as we expect to be respected. But respect does not come by itself, so it's also a mantra for us to behave properly, especially when wearing the club's colors.


It's up to everybody how much you want to participate in, it takes time and costs money. Therefore, the priority is also completely clear in the club, "family, job, club". That said, it's a bikers club and the more you bid with, the more you get out. That is how it is in all aspects of life.


The brotherhood is in the lead and it relies on one's trust. In addition, we all have a great freedom of freedom and a love for the open road.


LL & R is a greeting all bikers know. It is a greeting we take seriously. In SOVMC DK we are there to each other, it just requires you to be a man and say things as they are, if you do, nobody is being judged. Bikers are there for each other, that's part of our code.


Only men can join, but women are welcome to the club